Sprints 1 to 3

The team is currently having a short pause following the completion of our 3rd sprint on 25 August.

The project team: Glen (Dorset), Tony (Huntingdonshire), Richard, Dan and Dean (Barnsley) and Joseph, Marcia and Isobel (dxw).

Sprints 1 to 3 were focussed on: reviewing, preparing and committing the IMS. Most of the work done over this period was led by the development team at Barnsley, who focussed on stripping back the existing IMS (built by Barnsley for Barnsley), to become the shared IMS that we’ll build upon for other councils to use.

After the completion of sprint 3 we had a helpful conversation with the LocalGov Drupal team. We learnt from their similar experiences - designing and implementing something in a collaborative and shared manner between councils.

After the discussion the IMS project team reflected and re-aligned the project, in the following ways:

  • IMS community. We’d initially set high expectations about building a community of 8-10 users. Now we think building the community of users incrementally and at a slower pace would be better and more achievable. We’ve decided having less users doing more (with the IMS), is better than having more users doing less. The first step is to identify our first user, help[ them engage with the IMS, learn from their experience, and build from there.
  • Product development. We’d identified high-level development priorities which we’ve moved back into the backlog. We have decided that we should be prioritising new IMS features in collaboration with new users based on what they need in order to adopt the solution. However we want to continue to make progress, so before we have new users on-board, we’ll focus on: ** Testing Chip and Pin ** Integrating with gov.uk Pay in both greenfield and brownfield deployments.
  • Supported model. We have ideas that the supporting model (private beta 2) will be led by a commercial party. We also know there may be other models to consider. We’re planning to reflect upon the different options available, and learn from similar projects where possible.

We’ll resume our 4th sprint on 17 September. The focus of the next phase over sprints 4 to 7 will be to: identify our first users and progress product development to meet their needs.

Before we start sprint 4, we’re going to do two key things:

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities as a delivery team, to enable delivery
  • Plan out comms and engagement with councils

Our first show and tell will be on 23 September. This will be an opportunity to engage councils in the work we’re doing. We hope to re-engage councils that have contributed to previous phases of the project, and councils new to the project. We’ll update those that attend on our progress, provide a demo, and seek to understand what councils need and expect from being part of this project.