IMS Discovery - Week 11

We've consolidated our shared understanding of the project and made a start on delivery.

This week we’ve brought together all the detail from our LDG funding bid, tender requirements, YouTube show & tell, blog posts, Slack channel and inception week into a distilled Discovery Plan and Stakeholder Map which are linked below.

We made use of Google Docs, Miro and Slack to do this which have proven to be extremely useful tools, not only for collaborating remotely, but even just to work more openly together when we’re sitting in the same room. As Sharon quite nicely put it “Part of the reason for talking [in Slack] rather than via DM [or email] is so that the conversation can be ‘overheard’ [by all parties]”. Both Google Docs and Slack also include fantastic features that allow you to “see” each other working and making changes to documents in real time - you can literally see each other’s mouse cursors! Brilliant.

Miro board of post-it notes

Miro in particular has helped us to digitise the post-it notes from our inception week and to draw out some key themes around our ambitions for the project. Getting these on ‘paper’ - visible in front of us - puts and keeps our team on the same clear page and it sets out effective markers for the scope of what we’re up to:

  • Why we are doing this work?
  • What outcomes are we looking for?
  • What organisations and stakeholders are involved?
  • What outcomes will they get?
  • What do we need to learn or prove?
  • What do we need to communicate?
  • What other work relates to this?
  • What difficulties might we expect along the way?

Our Discovery Plan now cleanly outlines the background to our project, the research queries we need to answer, the user groups we need support from, the dates we’ll be working to and how we’ll communicate throughout. Show and tells will be a big part of that and we’ll set to work figuring out how to stream those live on YouTube next week for those who want to be involved but can’t necessarily attend in person. Our daily standups are likely to use Zoom for the days we’re not together too.

Our Stakeholder Map identifies absolutely everyone we want to engage with and using an interest vs. influence grid we’ve put them into 4 key groups to help us manage how we most appropriately communicate with them. Communication tools have been identified to include show & tells, week notes, user research sessions, road mapping exercises, documentation and “other” which gives us a bit of freedom to cover off specific needs as and when they arise.

Interest vs Influence Grid

As we kick an action plan off next week, you might hear from Sharon, Marianne or James) at DXW Digital. Please keep an eye out for their messages and respond as quickly as possible to enable us to carry out as much research as possible in the time we have available. The more information we can gather now, the better the outcome of the project overall.