IMS Discovery - Week 13

Our online survey is live and we've carried out our first remote interview.

If you use or are connected to an Income Management System in Local Government, please take 15 minutes to complete our Local Government Survey so that we can better understand IMS requirements across the sector. The data we capture through our survey will supplement findings from our face to face workshops and remote interviews and ultimately help the project to make a recommendation back to MHCLG in relation to our key research queries. It will be available to complete until some time in early January when we’ll need to start processing the information given through it.

While it’s open we’ll continue with our workshops and interviews. On December 4th we carried out our first remote interview with Allerdale Borough Council who advised they wouldn’t be able to make it to our “Northern” workshop but as a partner are integral to our research. We think this interview went really well with Zoe and Debbie connected in from our Barnsley office, Marianne facilitating the session from the DXW office in Leeds and of course Allerdale dialled in from their office.

Remote interview with Allerdale

That interview allowed to us to generate the start of our Forces framework. This will let us see the common problems pushing councils away from their current income management solutions and the benefits they seek that would pull them towards a replacement. At the same time it will highlight their anxieties about moving to new solutions and any concerns they have that might be considered blockers. By mapping out our research findings in this way, we can generate a better understanding of the income management scene in Local Government and plot out the development work needed at an alpha stage to best position our Income Management System to suit their needs - thus answering some of our key research queries. We’ll continue to update that framework as we speak with other councils. Already it’s also allowed us to refine our question set for future interviews too.

Forces Framework

While that was all happening, we have organised a face to face interview on the 9th December with North East Lincolnshire Council and our “Northern” Workshop is confirmed for the 11th with Sheffield City Council and Bradford Council due to attend so far. We’re also planning to see Huntingdonshire District Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council on the 18th of December and we’re trying to organise to see the GOV.UK Pay product team and Cherwell District Council & South Northamptonshire Council in the New Year.

Our Expression of Interest Form remains published for anyone else to get involved too.