IMS Discovery - Week 15

We held our "Southern" workshop this week and began reflecting on our findings so far.

Our “Southern” workshop took place in Huntingdon at Huntingdonshire District Council’s Pathfinder House when we arrived there in the afternoon. We set off from “Barnsleigh” station (see what they did there?) at around 9am and headed out to Meadowhall, before switching to Doncaster, Peterborough and then finally Huntingdon.

Train arrives at Barnsleigh Station

On that last leg we caught up with Sharon and Marriane from DXW who had been travelling down separately. With all the trains having been on time, the brief walk into the town centre got us there around lunchtime and so we had time to get food & coffee and then what Marianne referred to as Sugary Bribes for the session. We pitched up to Huntingdon and set up in one of their Civic Rooms.

Discussion by the post it boards

The session went really well! Thank you to everyone who took part and engaged as you did!

Mapping out process flows

We spent the rest of our week analysing not only our new findings from Huntingdon but also the shape of our user research overall. It’s encouraging to see common themes emerging and how they’re mapping out into our Forces framework.

As we head into the festive break now, there won’t be an update over the next 2 weeks as our project takes a pause. We’ll reconvene on the afternoon of January 6th in a Sprint Planning session and we’re spending January 7th in London with the GOV.UK Pay product team which I’m really looking forward to.