IMS Discovery - Week 20

Our outputs are taking shape now and we're into final learning, tweaking and getting ready to show and tell.

It’s basically been a week of preparation this week as we look forward to our planned Show & Tell session next Tuesday. We reviewing all of our project outputs to make sure they present all of our findings, conclusions and recommendations in a way that makes sense to anyone not directly connected to the project.

We still had a few gaps to fill around the feasibility research we’ve been doing and so there’s been some more desk research and we had a video call with Neil Williams (Oxford) and Guy Giles (Looking Local) where we discussed provisioning models in more detail.

It was a really good call that and while some of it went over my head again, it really cemented one or two things in Saul’s mind I think. It certainly helped us to progress that area of our research and I was hugely encouraged by it.

For the Show & Tell next week we’re inviting people to attend the DXW Leeds office in person for some lunch at 12 noon and the presentation at 1pm. If attending in person isn’t an option, then we’ll be streaming the event live using Zoom and inviting questions with Mentimeter afterwards. Very excited for this!

And as we look forward to celebrating the work we’ve done, I spent Friday preparing for another potential celebration - the development team behind our IMS system have been shortlisted for an LGC Award at this years event. I had to go down to London and present the work we’ve been doing as a development team both with software and IoT devices. Fingers crossed for them - let’s hope the 4:15am start pays off!