IMS Discovery - Week 4

We've engaged with our corporate procurement team to help us buy in the delivery support we need.

Having engaged our Contracts & Commissioning Team in week 2, they subsequently contacted our Corporate Procurement Team this week. Their reasoning being that the value of the contract we’re looking to award will be over £70K and so different governance applies. Given the lessons we learned last week about engaging all our enablers nice and early, I was really worried this could slam the brakes on for us. That team don’t know about this project - they aren’t ready for us!

However, we’ve been very lucky that they’ve been fantastically accommodating! I actually get the impression they’ve dropped everything to help us - I’m sure that can’t be the case, but that gives you an idea of how supportive they’ve been. We’ve actually spent most of the week completing their various document templates that outline the project and the need for us to bring in their support. So far, I’ve completed and returned:

  • Procurement Event Approval Document for Research Consultant
  • Officer Decisions Recording Process
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment

They’re taking the information in these documents and organising themselves around our project. They’ll work to get our draft requirements uploaded to the Digital Marketplace as soon as possible.

I am hoping that happens really soon as time is ticking away quickly.