IMS Discovery - Week 5

We've published our requirements for delivery support to the market but had to promptly withdraw them again.

In our haste to bring in some delivery support, we mistakenly published the wrong set of requirements. When we first started drafting them, we went down the road of asking for a Digital Specialist - an individual to come in and support us. However, as we came to understood our needs better, we recognised that we need a Digital Outcome - multiple roles to come together to help us. Our latest set of requirements are seeking a Digital Outcome but those aren’t the ones we published! As a result, all of the questions we received from potential suppliers seemed irrelevant or confused - in fact, some of them were statements advising we ask for an Outcome, which we thought we had!

So, we pulled those from the marketplace after a couple of days and we plan to regroup and go out again next week. Apologies to anyone who submitted a question or showed an interest in helping us with this project. We do still require support and we will be back shortly with the right requirements. To be clear about those, we’re looking for an organisation:

  • To run our Discovery project
  • To marshal our stakeholders
  • To carry out user research workshops
  • To document findings into a business/benefits case, a user research report, a conclusion and if appropriate, a funding bid to the Local Digital Fund to proceed with an Alpha project.

Ideally the successful organisation will bring at least one:

  • User Researcher
  • Service Designer
  • Product Owner (although that may be me)
  • Delivery manager

We’ve listed our user stories as:

  • As Barnsley IM Product Owner, I need to understand the changes required to it to meet national user needs so I can develop it such.
  • As an LA Income Manager, I need to know if my needs will be met and the savings I can make, so that I can consider migrating over.
  • As a GOV.UK Pay Product Owner, I need to understand the changes required for integration so I can develop such.
  • As an LA ICT manager, I need to know how the solution will be packaged so that I understand how to implement and support it.

To our stakeholders, bear with us please - we’ll be out with our requirements again next week and will be looking to shortlist providers very soon after that. I’ll be in touch with dates as soon as possible.

One final note, to thank Egle at MHCLG for all her support to date, and to Tony Evans for his comments on our requirements as they were being revised. we’ve found your input extremely useful so thank you for that.

We hope next week to be posting less about procurement and more about delivery.