IMS Discovery - Week 6

We've republished our requirements for delivery support and they'll be live for 2 weeks.

Our requirements for a Digital Outcome are published and ready for interested parties to submit their expressions of interest. We haven’t used the Digital Marketplace as we first intended, but rather via YORTender, our usual route for obtaining quotes and securing suppliers.

We’ve opted to take this route based on guidance from our corporate procurement team - the long and short of it being that our organisation doesn’t currently use the Digital Marketplace and we have established processes for working with YORtender already - so it makes the whole thing run a lot more smoothly for us and importantly, quickly!

We’ll be out to market on YorTender from October 16th to October 30th and will have awarded a contract by Friday 8th November 2019. We therefore intend to kick off project delivery on Monday, November 11th. That revises our anticipated timeline from Week 2 to:

  • Week 01: Funding awarded
  • Week 02-09: Procure delivery partner
  • Week 10-17: Run investigative workshops
  • Week 18-21: Document outputs into reports

Accepting that w/c 23rd December and 30th December will be cut short by the Christmas and New Year break, our 8 week investigative period is only a little over 6 weeks. We’ll need to be a bit more savvy with our procurement activities if we make future bids to the fund as the balance is a little off for my liking. Still, it is our first rodeo and we’re learning a lot of lessons here that I hope others will appreciate as I keep blogging.

I’ve setup evaluation, award and project kick off meetings with our internal team in plenty of time and I’ve invited our bid partners to join us in those as of late last night - that can be on site (we love to host) or remotely (which was a major consideration in our bid application initially - that partners wanted to support remotely wherever possible). They’ll get copies of bidders documents on November 4th for review and comment.

In the meantime, we’re looking at booking all of us onto the Agile for Teams course with the GDS Academy. As a successful bidder to the fund, we’re entitled to take up that offer. We’ve sent invites to our partners and hope to hear back from them shortly for a session November 5th, 6th and 7th if that will work. One important thing we need to do as a team still is figure out how we’re going to work together collaboratively during this project which is where this course should help. For the time-being, Barnsley are leading these early activities and inviting support and comment wherever practical. We may continue in that way and as such the agile training may not be necessary but I don’t want to close the doors on the chance to work more closely together and certainly that’s in the spirit of the whole thing.