IMS Discovery - Week 7

Our requirements remain published and organisations are invited to submit bids.

Our team in Barnsley have held clarification calls with several interested parties so far this week and we’re encouraged by the conversations we’ve been having. All the questions asked of us have been noted along with our answers and they are being shared openly on our YorTender portal. This means that all suppliers have the benefit of seeing all the same information and will help to make sure all the submissions we receive are as appropriate as possible. We can’t say too much about how many suppliers we’ve spoken with, or who they are as the whole process is confidential by nature, but we are keen to be as open as possible, hence still releasing this shorter blog post this week about how we’re progressing.

I’m on leave next week but the team here will be continuing to receive and answer questions via the portal throughout. When I return, the tender window will have closed and we can review submissions w/c 4th November. We’ve invited our partners to join us in that.

Suppliers will visit us to discuss their submissions in more detail on November 8th. Again, we’ve issued an invite to all partners to join us in that on-site here in Barnsley, or remotely where we can support that - keen to have as much involvement as possible.

I’m conscious we still need to figure out how we’re going to work together collaboratively as a project team. At the moment Barnsley continue to lead these early activities and are inviting support and comment at each stage. To that end the agile training hasn’t been organised yet but is on our task list of things to do so isn’t lost.