IMS Discovery - Week 9

We've reviewed tender submissions from interested parties and selected a preferred bidder for our delivery support.

We spent the majority of this week scoring bids from interested suppliers and I’m pleased to announce we’ll be awarding a contract first thing next week.

Our evaluation panel met on Monday and reviewed paper submissions which included outline plans for project delivery, details of resources being deployed, pricing and experience of runnning similar projects to equally tight deadlines. We met with each supplier’s teams to discuss their proposals both in person and virtually which helped to firm up our evaluations and get an understanding of how their paper submissions translated to real world practical activities. We ended the week with a real sense of confidence that we’ll be able to deliver a meaningful discovery over the remaining 12 weeks of the project (accepting that 2 of those weeks are over the Christmas break).

In readiness for a project kick off next week, we’ve secured a collaboration space in our Digital Media Centre large enough to seat 7 people comfortably, with media services (Wi-Fi, screens, etc.) and importantly with walls for sticking things to! This is a lockable space that we can set up and leave, to use as we need. Huge thank you to Tracey Johnson for that! This refers back to one our early lessons in week 3.

Looking to next week, we’re meeting first thing Monday morning and will look to award the contract to the winning bidder as soon as possible. We’ll confirm with them the date for our project kick-off and update the project team about when and where that will take place. We’ll also need to confirm the agenda but I suspect that will include:

  • A recap of the previous work carried out by NELC and the GOV.UK Pay team
  • A review of our project and it’s vision, goals and risks
  • A look at our timeline and outline project plan to January 31st
  • A discussion about how we can best work together as a project team
  • Next steps – planning for our first sprint

We’re really looking forward to getting into the meat of it now.