Income Management System

A service built by councils for councils

The Local Gov IMS is an open source income management system built by local government for local government.

It’s intuitive, easy to maintain, enhance, and is free to use. It provides a comprehensive way to manage payments and accounting across council departments.

The system was built by local government teams who know about the needs, expectations, and challenges faced by similar organisations.

By engaging with other councils throughout its development, the system has been designed to reflect the needs of those who will use it.

Getting involved and using the IMS

If you’re a council you can download and begin using the IMS today. You can also join the IMS community. The IMS community understands the value of sharing technology and knowledge, working together, and working in the open.

Accessing the demo site

If you’d like to access the IMS demo site we ask that you identify a lead user from your council. The lead user can visit the demo log-in screen, and register for access with their council email address. The IMS team will then set-up the lead user and provide access.

If you’d like to set up additional users in bulk, the IMS team can do this for you, please contact the team to arrange this.

The IMS team can introduce you to the system, please contact the team if you’d like an introduction to the IMS.

Downloading the source code

If you’d like to start using the IMS codebase you can download the source code here. Read the IMS Memorandum of Understanding for more information about using the IMS.

Help and queries

The IMS project team doesn’t provide technical support for the open source version of the IMS, but the team can answer any queries you have and help point you in the right direction. Please contact the team for further help.